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Brewer Burns

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Text, But No Pictures

People, I've been knitting. I knit a Shedir in purple Baby Ull for Dulaan. That is one awesome pattern. I knit it in the smallest size, strictly to the pattern. And it is awesome. It fits me pretty perfectly in fact, but I am going to send it off to Dulaan instead of keeping it. When my nieces were here a week and a half ago, my eldest niece LOVED it. She kept putting it on and looking at herself in the mirror. This, in spite of the fact that the hat is made of wool and it was in the 90's. Since then it has mercifully cooled off a bit.

I've also been knitting on my Vintage Pink Cardigan (VPC.) The yarn is absolutely beautiful. It's soft, and with a wonderful sheen to it. I've finished the back and the left front (the smaller front) and am well into the right front panel. So, I'm about a third of the way through (since I still have the rest of the right front panel, both sleeves, the button band and a lot of sewing to do, and probably some sort of collar.)

In non-knitting news, the farmer's market has started up again and so has our CSA share. As a result I made a fabulous strawberry-rhubarb pie this last week, with rhubarb from the market box. It's wonderful, sweet and tangy at the same time.


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