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Brewer Burns

Thursday, March 22, 2007

In Which Life Kicks My Ass

So, I've been AWOL here for a few days. First, I've been working. Second, Stephen has been out of town at a conference and therefore I have not been sleeping. Third, I've been judging the Linden Cup competition at Gonzaga. Linden Cup is the appellate advocacy competition at the law school. I did it when I was in law school (not that I remember it, it's all a blur) and I thought it might be fun to judge it this year. Consequently I didn't get home until 11:00 on Monday night (way, way past my bedtime,) 10:30 on Tuesday night (way past my bedtime) and 8:00 last night (not past my bedtime, but still late on a weeknight to be getting home.) I have effectively not slept for three days and am officially exhausted.

I did manage to pull out the Bayerische sock last night and knit a few rounds while listening to This American Life's podcast. Tonight? I plan to knit until I fall asleep in my chair.


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