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Brewer Burns

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I am knitting slowly. Really, I am knitting less. I am knitting less because I am much more tired when I get home. And. I'm much more obssessed with my job right now then I am with my knitting. That being said, the dolphin lace scarf is coming along. Slowly. I am really enjoying it. The yarn (JaegerSpun Zephyr in Cinnabar) is really a dream to work with (did you know that Cinnabar is radioactive? The mineral, not the color.) The pattern is really very lovely. I do have one complaint though. The pattern rows are offset. In other words, you are working a different pattern row on the first half of the scarf than on the second. This requires a kind of mental gymnastics that makes me want to eat my own hair. Other than that it's going really well.


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