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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dolphin Lace Scarf Fin

After working slowly, slowly on the Dolphin Lace Scarf for what seemed like an eternity I realized last night that I was dangerously close to being done. Further, I realized that the scarf would be long enough if I knit the required number of repeats. Lastly, I realized that the crocheted picot edging only goes along the cast on and bound off edges of the scarf, not all the way around like I had originally thought. So I finished it. Last night, at about 1:30 a.m. you would have found me on the floor in my living room pinning the scarf out to block:

This morning it was ready:

Project Stats:
Pattern: Dolphin Lace Scarf, page 106, Victorian Lace Today
Yarn: JaegerSpun Zephyr in Cinnabar. I used about 3/4 of one ball
Needles: Size 7 straights
Mods: None, except the yarn
FInished Dimensions: 72" x 13" (approximate measurement)

The pattern first. This is my second project from this book and the patterns in it are very concise. There was actually one error in the pattern. When you work this pattern you actually stagger the pattern rows. So, when you are on the right hand side border you are always one pattern row before the pattern row being worked on the left hand side border. So, if you are on Row 2 on the right hand side border, then you are on row 3 on the left hand side border. Adding to the confusion, you always work the even numbered rows from left to right on the chart (like wrong side rows) and the odd numbered rows from right to left (like right side rows.) The error comes in one of the pattern charts. There is a chart which shows you which pattern rows you will be working at any given time. Unfortunately, it indicates that you work a 13 row pattern repeat insted of a 12 row pattern repeat. The first row, where the right hand side border is worked as all knit stitches, is a set up row only. Once you've worked it the first time you don't need to work it again. In addition, at the end of the scarf you should end with row 12 on the right hand side border, then work the middle chart as established, then work the left hand side border as all knit stitches. This evens everything out and allows you to finish the last pattern motif on the right hand border.

I have to admit that I was thoroughly confused about the staggered border rows at first. I started out working the even numbered rows as right side rows (reading the chart from right to left) on the right hand border, and the odd numbered rows as wrong side rows (reading the chart from left to right.) This was wrong, and I would have eventually figured it out, but it would have been nice if there had been a pattern note indicating the proper way to work the charts. I knew that I was confused so I searched for the dolphin lace scarf, found the Victorian Lace Knitalong, and read a post by someone else working on a different double bordered scarf who explained how to work the rows. Otherwise it would have taken me much longer to figure this out on my own.

Moving on, the yarn was spectacular to work with. It's lace weight and very lovely. It's not very tight spun (a two ply, I think) and therefore there were some splitting problems. It had just the right amount of stretchiness and give though and is light as a feather. I love it. I would recommend this yarn for any lace project. And, I don't know why, but I only used 3/4 of a ball on this scarf. That means that I used far less yarn than the pattern called for. I've noticed this, actually. The same thing happened with my wide-bordered scarf. I used up almost my entire skein of sea silk and ended up with a 120" x 12" scarf. Huge. So, beware when working from this book. You may need much less yarn than called for. Maybe it's just the way I knit?

I am really, really happy with this knit. I'm not a huge fan of garter stitch lace, but this worked out beatifully. The border motifs are lovely and feminine and clearly visible in the stitch pattern. Once I got into the rhythm of the pattern I really enjoyed knitting this and it didn't take me that long either.

P.S. There are many more pictures. I will blog them over the next few days. Also, I'm going to blog this project over at the victorianlacealong.blogspot.com as well. So go ahead and check there if you're interested.


At 4:57 PM, Blogger Moni said...

wow! that is really gorgeous! I can't get over how fast you knit, even when you SAY you are knitting slow :). You leave me in the dust!

Love the color!

At 3:54 AM, Blogger lara said...

Amazing! The dolphin lace scarf really looks fantastic. It looks so unique and trendy, usually I used to get my scarf from an online store, but after reading your blog, it keeps me to knit a scarf myself. Thanks for the share! Keep posting!!


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