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Brewer Burns

Friday, March 09, 2007

Wandering Gemini

That's what I've kind of felt like lately. The wandering gemini. I don't really feel focused on anything in particular, although I've definitely been getting a lot of stuff done. Speaking of getting stuff done, Stephen removed the graffiti and a lot of the paint from our garage door today. Now we have to paint the bare spots.

I feel like I've made some real progress on the Dolpin Lace Scarf over the last couple of days. I'm actually up to repeat 20 or so but I'm not nearly done yet.

It's pretty interesting the way that garter stitch sucks up the yarn. Still loving this yarn, by the way. The pattern calls for 28 pattern repeats, but at this rate I think that a few more are going to be necessary.

I have great plans for tomorrow. I'm going to clean the house. And maybe paint the garage door.


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