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Brewer Burns

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Latvian Mitten Saga, Part 3

Goal: Two Latvian Mittens
Mitten #1:
Cast On: Right Color, Right number of stitches: +2
1st Braid:Executed Correctly: +1, Bonus Point: executed without wanting to eat own hair: +1
1st Pattern Motif: Executed Correctly: +1, Picked up an extra stitch mysteriously: -1
Thru Main Motif: Correct: +3 points. Realize that extra stitch is better than original plan:+1
Main Pattern Motif through R. 4: Correct. +1. Failed to place thumb gore on this round: -4
Main Pattern Motif through R. 8: Correct +1. Realize that thumb gore should have been placed on R. 4: +1. Failed to frog back to R. 4 and place thumb gore where it should be: -1
Through R. 27: Correct: +1. Realize that pattern not centered: +1. Frog back 27 rows: +27
Reknit Main Pattern Motif: +27
Knit top decreases correctly, with alternating colors schemes: +18
Knit thumb correctly, with althernating color scheme at teh top decreaess, with pattern going up and down the thumb, respectively: +30
Total Score for Mitten #1: 100 points
And isn't it pretty?

Mitten #2:
Knit mitten correctly up to the main pattern motif: +5, Bonus point for casting on an extra stitch: +1
Knit first 4 rounds of main pattern motif: Correct. +4
Forget thumb gore until round 8: -4
Extra penalty for making the same mistake twice: -4
Tinking back immediately upon discovery: +8
Preliminary score: 10


At 1:54 PM, Blogger Annie said...

Wow! What a lot of work, but clearly worth it! Nice job! I love the color, too!


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