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Brewer Burns

Saturday, February 10, 2007

27 Rows

This is where I was this morning:

Twenty-seven rows into the main pattern. Only four rows from the start of the top decreases. Unfortunately, there was to be a bit of a detour before I could move on. I realized several rows ago that I had failed to take into account one crucial detail when I drew my charts and started knitting my pattern: was the main pattern centered on the back of my hand? No. It wasn't. This morning I decided that a non-centered pattern would not do. So:

First, I pulled out the needles. Then:

I frogged furiously. That one stitch marker off to the left? It marked the row that I needed to frog down to. In just a few minutes, I was back to where I was three or four days ago. Sigh.

Several good things will come from this sacrifice though: the pattern is now centered over the back of the hand, and I placed the thumb gore a few rows lower than I had originally which means that I should be able to arrange the top decreases so that the mitten is finished at the same tim as the main pattern. Symmetry.

Work was exhausting this week. I spent a good part of my Thursday afternoon trying to hunt up a judge to sign a couple of orders. Unfortunately, I seemed to have picked the absolute worst time to attempt it. Several judges were in meetings, several were on the bench, and still others were already gone (there was a judicial conference in Seattle that started Friday.) It was a little panic inducing.


At 12:14 PM, Blogger Annie said...

I really wish I could've bought you a drink after reading this post. Seriously. Bravo on the frogging.


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