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Brewer Burns

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Week As It Goes (And Comes)

Well, I started in at the new job on Monday. I visited a client in jail for the first time. It was pretty funny when I got in the elevator because my instinct was to push the button of the floor I was going to. You can't do that in a jail. They have a camera and an intercom so that the guy in the booth (somewhere in the jail) can press the button for you. The room that I met with my client in was tiny and slightly claustrophobic and the intercom didn't work. That meant that there was a lot of screaming through thick glass. I also went to court on Monday afternoon to observe. Amazing. It is nothing short of chaos.

Today is my wedding anniversary. I've been married for three years. It's been a very good three years.

I finished knitting my wide bordered scarf, and hopefully I will get a picture of it soon. The Kew socks are coming along. I'm halfway through the foot of the first sock.

That's all I've got for now. I'm enjoying the new job. I've got a couple of weeks of training, and then I'm off on my own (kind of, there are plenty of people willing to help, provide knowledge, assistance, and forms.) My first trial is scheduled for March 1. Should be interesting.


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