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Brewer Burns

Friday, February 02, 2007

I Survived My First Week

And it was fun. Really. And interesting. And engaging. And I no longer feel like a large man is sitting on my heart. That last one has got to be a good thing, right? Ask me after Monday afternoon though. I'm going to do the Monday afternoon docket by myself. I'm certain that I will fuck up at least once. If not more.

You know what else I did? I also took pretty pictures of my wide bordered scarf.

In this one you can see the leaf pattern in the center panel. In this one:

You can see that it's quite long. Well over my 60 inches. Maybe 72? It's very long, and quite wide. I love it and have been wearing it to work most of the week.

I made some progress on the second sock last night while watching Jesus Christ Superstar, which by the way, is hilarious. I'm starting to jones a little for the yarn buying experience. I haven't bought yarn since December. Maybe early January? It's been a few weeks and I'm feeling it. I want to buy yarn for my new pair of Latvian mittens, I want to buy yarn to start in on my Dulaan knitting. I want to buy yarn to knit Stephen more socks since he loves them so much. I just plain want to buy yarn. Unfortunately, I just found out today that both of the head gaskets in my car are bad and need to be replaced. That is going to be expensive.


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