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Brewer Burns

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Break A Leg

I have survived my fourth day of work at the new job. Today, the prosecutor gave me her offers on the files that are coming up on pre-trial conferences and show cause hearings next week. Also, I was allowed to touch the files. My computer is a little bonkers and the network seems to have some issues. I can use my phone, but the voice mail is still assigned to the last person who had the phone. Apparently there is only one guy who deals with the phones in the whole network. I am not high on his priority list.

I am (loving this job) hoping to break a leg on my way in tomorrow.

I started the second Kew sock last night. I finished the first last night. I must tell you that I sized them perfectly:

Size 1 needles
60 stitches.

Perfect. I like my socks pretty tight and I have small feet so I usually have to decrease the pattern width and length to make socks fit properly. Sometimes I forget this and it comes back to bite me in the ass. Pictures soon. I promise.


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