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Brewer Burns

Friday, March 03, 2006

This is Your Brain on PMS

Okay, Blogger and I are not getting along these days. Why are two of the pictures up there and one down below? I have no fucking idea.

Anyway, these are three things that made me happy today. Above there is Lucy a/k/a The Kitten. I love her.

Then below there is Leah, my dog. I love her. She is the best and the sweetest. Lucy licks and bites her ears and Leah doesn't mind.

Then there is the pink plastic heart shaped paper clip that I found at work today. Why does this make me happy? Like Blogger, this too is a mystery to me. But it did make me inordinately happy.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Deleated Leah's picture. Fuck. Anyway, tomorrow there will be pictures of finished objects. All with slight defects. Posted by Picasa


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