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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Still In Shock

And not in a good way. I was having a fabulous day yesterday. The trial that I sat in on this week ended in a Not Guilty for the client (thrilling) and I had just finished meeting with all of the clients that I needed to meet with in the jail. And it was about 4:15 in the afternoon, so I had every intention of walking back to my office, futzing with my files and going home and starting my weekend. As I was crossing the busy street between my office and the courthouse (in the crosswalk, with the light I might add) I was hit by a car. That's right. I was hit by a car.

Lucky for me the car was not going that fast (witnesses at the scene estimated that the car was going 10-15 miles an hour.) The driver was turning left onto the the busy street and did not look to see if someone was crossing in the crosswalk. She hit me, I rolled up onto the hood of her car, a second or two later her brain connected with her feet and she slammed on the brakes, and I rolled off the hood of the car and onto the pavement. Let me say it again: I am very lucky. I did not break anything, I did not hit my head, I did not fall on my tailbone. I'm also lucky in that there were several witnesses and this happened right outside the county and city police station, so police, fire department and ambulance were on the scene within minutes. Now, the bad news. The driver is uninsured.

So, today. Today I feel as if I were hit by a car. I basically hurt from my neck to my toes. My ankles hurt, my shins hurt, my knees hurt (the car basically took me out below the knees,) my thighs hurt, my midsection, including my rib and chest area hurt, my arms hurt, my hands hurt and my neck and back probably hurt most of all. Especially the neck. I'm going to assume that my neck hurts the most because I was very invested in not allowing my head to slam into the pavement and try to be a little grateful that I succeeded. The doctor told me that I will hurt worse on the second day after the accident (tomorrow.) I'm not looking forward to that.

On the knitting front, I'm making progress on my Melon Shawl. If I can, I will post some pictures of it today. I'm really enjoying the lavendar color of hte yarn and the pattern repeat for the center section was so easy to memorize that I haven't had to open the book since the day that I cast on. That's a huge plus, not having to look at a chart or the pattern. It makes the knitting enjoyable because it flows so well.


At 12:54 PM, Blogger Bets said...

I saw your post on Victorian Lace(I missed the sign up), and expected to read more about your melon shawl. So sorry to read about your accident and certainly glad that nothing was broken. What an awful thing to experience though, and I hope that that is no more pain to come for you!

At 1:44 PM, Blogger johnhanscom said...

Man! You will be in Berta and my prayers.

At 3:41 PM, Blogger Moni said...

Oh.My.God!That's awful! And it kind of pisses me off, too. I can't tell you how many times I have almost been hit by a car, too. Spokane drivers are the WORST! How could someone not tell that there is a person crossing the street! Ugh! I am sooo glad that you are okay. Although it does sound like you need to take good care of yourself the next few days.

At 5:32 PM, Anonymous Mary said...

Oy! When my husband told me you had been hit by a car my stomach fell to somewhere around my kneecaps. So did yours I imagine when you were hit.

Get better fast, but not so fast that you don't get a day or two of sick leave that you can use to knit your body and knit your lace.


At 2:36 PM, Blogger k-good-row said...

Woo wee. That's is terrible! Let me say 2 words to you though, Worker's Comp. You were on the job walking from the courthouse to your office. I'm not sure it covers stuff like this, but it covered a woman in my office who trip in a pothole walking from the courthouse to the office. It's not much $$ but it might help with the medical bills.


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