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Brewer Burns

Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Inner Harlot

So I have a couple projects on the needles. This is quite unusual for me. I'm usually a one project kind of girl. But today I find myself with not one but two projects on my needles. The first is my embossed leaf socks, made with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Blue Jeans. As you may remember, I made a pair of these for my mom, and I really like the way the pattern looks so I decided to make a pair for myself. Notice that I did not say that I like the pattern itself. Actually, the pattern is not bad and it has a certain internal logic. I have actually memorized the 16 row leaf pattern repeat so I don't have to look at the chart every row and that's a good thing. But something about it is irking me. First, it really shoudl be worked using five dpn's but this is too fiddly for me. Too many points, etc. And my foot is much shorter than the foot the pattern is designed for, which means that I still have to figure out where I will stop. Of course, it would be best if I stopped either at the end of a pattern repeat or halfway through one. But this might now work out right in terms of the length. So I have to think about it. And I'm in no mood to think about it right now. Additionally, I strongly suspect that I will need another hank of yarn to finish. But maybe not. I don't know.

The second project is the Manly Sweater from SnB. It is, as I have mentioned before, for Stephen. So far I'm enjoying it. Since it's worked flat in 5x1 ribbing it's pretty mindless. The good thing is that it's also worked on size 8 needles and should knit up reasonably quickly. I can't decide yet if the simple nature of the pattern is a good thing, or if it is going to bore me to tears yet. Right now, it seems to be working well with the embossed leaf socks, which are rather fiddly (read: a little more complicated than a sock should be.)

That's all for today. Thanks for tuning in. Posted by Picasa


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