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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Flutter Sleeve Back, and, More Spindling!

I finished the back of the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan last night:

I think it's both too long and too short. When I hold it up to my body, it's a little long. However, when I look at it on the floor it seems a bit disproportional to me. I've decided to leave it as is and soldier on. I think that it's going to be pretty and functional. I like the knitpicks shine yarn. I thought when I first started working on it that it was dying my hands, but I realized that it was actually shedding onto my hands as I knit. I'm not really certain what that's going to mean when I wash the garment, but I hope it's okay. I washed my swatch and it didn't fall apart or disintegrate or get shaggy. I think the cardigan will be fine. The construction of this sweater is interesting. You knit the sleeves with the body. I can see some advantages to this: you don't have to separately knit the sleeves, and you don't have to sew them in. Very good.

I've also done some more plying. Last weekend I finished my second ball of two ply yarn. This time I used to very well rested singles (they've been sitting in hanks for about a year or so.) I wound them both onto empty toilet paper rolls, placed the rolls onto a size 10 knitting needle, then set the needle into the notches I made on a cardboard box:

I then plied the singles off. This method worked 100% better than the ball in the coffee cup method. There was much less tangling and tying into a knot this time (mainly because the singles were both rested, I think) and there were no little balls to pop out of the coffee cups. Only at the very end was there any tangling, when the end of the shorter single came completely off the roll. The resulting ball is about 141 yards, 21 wpi and lovely:


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