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Brewer Burns

Friday, April 06, 2007

Limping Along

In knitting and in life. I'm so close to being finished on the center panel of my Melon Shawl that I can taste it. At the same time I'm still limping a bit because my left knee is still a little stiff, a little swollen and a little painful to move around on. I can't really complain though. That knee is doing very well considering the fact that the bumper of the car connected with it squarely.

Grumperina has started a Dolphin Lace scarf using a skein of Sea Silk. You should go see it. It's turning out very well, and she noticed a discrepancy between the pattern as written and the scarf as photographed in the book. The scarf in the photo has one more row of double yarn over columns than the pattern specifies.

Since it is Easter Sunday this weekend, I will probably make a batch of deviled eggs and we may even brew beer (just like last year.)


At 5:25 PM, Blogger Moni said...

I am really loving your melon shawl! I am still just totally in awe of how you can whip lace out like it's nothing :). Glad your feeling better. Sending good thoughts your way.


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