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Brewer Burns

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Conundrum of Lace

Lace is beautiful. Lace is fun and holds my interest. Lace, unfortunately, does not make for very good blogging material. Who wants to see 62 pictures of the same pattern repeat? No one. That being said, it's still pretty impressive.

I've knit the border of my Melon Shawl up one long side, around one corner, down one short side, and around the next corner. I'm a little more than halfway done with border and I'm still loving how it's looking. I am, however, wishing that I had read ahead a little more in the pattern and really thought about some things. First, I wish that I had used a provisional cast on. It would have made knitting the border around the cast on edge a little easier, and I think it would have looked nicer. Second, I wish that I had used a provisional cast on for the border as well. The pattern instructs you to graft together the last border row with the cast on row. Grafting is easier with live stitches, and looks a little better. That's the thing with this book, it's not a hand holding book. It's more of a hint giving book.


At 5:02 AM, Anonymous Knitelly said...

Hi, the shawl looks really lovely. Can't wait to see it finished and blocked. I can't really tell, is the JaggerSpun Zephyr you are using the laceweight or DK version?

At 5:29 PM, Blogger Moni said...

I think all of your lovely lace knitting is affecting me :). I had to buy Victorian Lace today and now I want to knit everything from the book! but I'm taking baby steps and starting with something that isn't going to frustrate me.


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