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Brewer Burns

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Kitchen Sink

My kitchen sink is broken. Specifically, the faucet is broken. It started squirting water out of the base last night. So Stephen is fixing it. To be more specific, he is swearing profusely while trying to install the kit he bought that replaces all of the seals in the faucet mechanism. So it's been a great morning so far. Especially since this is solely a one-person job and requires that the cold water for the house be turned off. That means: no shower, no teeth brushing, no flushing the toilet. Sounds fabulous here at Chez Burns doesn't it? Maybe I could brush my teeth and then swish with leftover cold coffee?

I finished the first sock for Stephen this morning and he tried it on. It fits although there is a wierd pull on the right hand side of the sock. I'm not sure what's creating it but I suspect that it will be fine once it's blocked and worn a bit. It seems to work that way with most of the socks that I make. I cast on immediately for the second sock and I am working away on it. I have to admit that Eunny Jang's Bayerische socks are really calling out to me right now. I really want to start them. I love the twisted stitches. Love them. I also like the ribbed cables. Genius. I have to stop writing about this right now because I really, really want to throw aside this second sock to start on the Bayerische socks immediately. It's a bit of a problem.

This morning I talked with a friend of mine who is also a public defender. It was great. Even though we are at opposite sides of the country, we deal with a lot of the same issues. It's good to know that the plight of the public defender is very much the same wherever you go.

Since I started writing this post Stephen had to leave again because he broke one of the little doohickies that goes inside the faucet and now he has to try to buy a new one. So, I may not get to brush my teeth today. Don't you wish you could come over? Also, in response to Moni's question about the picture of my latvian mittens: no, I was not in Riverside State Park. I was across the street from the park. So, close enough.


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