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Brewer Burns

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Herringbone Rib Socks-- Finished

Pattern: Herringbone Rib Socks from Winter IK (book excerpt)
Yarn: Socks that Rock lightweight in colourway "love"
Needles: Size 1 dpns
Mods: Made to fit size 5 women's feet

I really love these socks. I love the yarn. It is firm, tightly twisted, and has a slight sheen to it. I love the red and pink stripe effect and I really love the way that this pattern takes good advantage of that. This pattern was a bit of a yarn suck. When I was knitting the legs of the sock it felt like it took forever before I got to the point where I needed to start the heel. Also, all of the stretch in the pattern comes from the purl stitches between the pattern repeats. Definitely something to consider when sizing these for your feet.

The pattern consists of two rows. The second row requires that you slip two stitches back onto the left needle, pass a stitch over, then slip them back to the right needle. This is a bit fiddly. I slipped the stitches at the same time and that helped. By the time I got to the end of these socks it wasn't that bad. I was in the flow of the pattern. These are really just very lovely.

I've started on another pair of socks, this time for my husband. I bought some Socrates yarn, in a cafe au lait color (#2908). I love the feel of this yarn although I'm a little concerned with its ability to hold up under regular wear. I'm making the Gentleman's Fancy Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. I am not going to do any of the calf shaping. These socks are really pleasing me.


At 12:38 PM, Blogger Laura said...

Wow! Those look amazing!

At 6:34 PM, Blogger brewerburns said...

thank you!


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