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Brewer Burns

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Other People's Houses

We did something this weekend that normally we refuse to do: we traveled. Not only did we travel, but we used up the whole weekend in traveling and visiting. We left as soon as I got home from work on Friday and didn’t get back until well after dark on Sunday. Let me give you the short version of all we did:

1. Mike and Lori’s house, Friday night. There was no indoor plumbing (bad) but there were sticky buns for breakfast, and tea, and coffee, and I got to see the socks I knit for them in the wild.

2. Mushroom picking with Mike, Lori, Mike’s nephew Lance, and his wife and two little boys (cute as buttons!) Very good. Several hours in the forest. Beautiful. And we found chanterelles.

3. Paula’s house. Bad. Freezing and smelling of propane. Stephen soon discovered that the furnace in the house was turning on, pumping gas into the chamber, but failing to ignite it. Stephen did get the furnace working luckily.

4. Mike’s Art Opening. The reason for all the traveling. Mike had an opening of his work, along with Paula and Joe Lee (another friend.) The opening lasted about four hours and had fabulous food. I bought Mike’s best painting and saw lots of people that I haven’t seen in a very long time.

5. Sleeping at Paula’s house. We got back to the house and found, to our relief, that the furnace was continuing to work properly. Unfortunately, when we got up in the morning the thermostat had somehow reset itself to about 55 degrees, meaning that it had stopped pumping out heat.

6. Breakfast at Paula’s. Since Mike and Lori’s well has run dry, they, Lance, and Joe Lee all congregated at Paula’s house for breakfast. I made french toast, Joe Lee heated up the sticky buns, Stephen made the coffee, Lori made the tea, and Mike mostly ate. We got out of there at about 11:30.

7. My sister’s house. We took the long way home and stopped in at my sister’s house for about an hour. My nieces are beyond adorable and my parents also stopped in briefly. It was a very short, but good, time.

On the knitting front, I finished Stephen’s Fuzzy Feet before we left, I finished my Fuzzy Feet as soon as we got back, and I finished knitting Mr. Stegs for Noah on Sunday night. Pictures will follow. I also blocked the second silk scarf, embroidered a face on Anna’s Laura Jane Bear, and sewed the buttons into Willow’s Miss Dashwood. Things are moving along smoothly.


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