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Brewer Burns

Monday, October 16, 2006

Socks in the Wild Plus Swamp Dick

Okay, so I really wanted to show you some pictures today but Blogger is not cooperating. What is it? Do I need to try in the middle of the night? Early morning? When the moon is full? That new bike gear that Stephen bought, it really is temperamental in terms of interfacing with Blogger on the picture thing. I think maybe they need therapy.

Alright. I'm exhausted. I'm hungry. We were gone all weekend and I can't fucking upload any of the pictures I took of: birthday socks I knit and saw on the actual recipients, fucking awesome art, some of which I now own, or the mushroom picking adventure that I went on. Plus I'm all drugged up. So I will just have to say that I'm going to keep trying with the pictures. And I will post again tomorrow. Oh, and my nieces are incredibly beautiful.

Since we did get our stereo receiver back I'm going to go put on Van Morrison and make Stephen dance with me. He loves that.


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