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Brewer Burns

Thursday, October 12, 2006

List Recap, Other Knitting News

I am behind on my blogging duties. I have finished (or almost finished, anyway) two projects that I have barely mentioned on the blog, and started yet another that I haven’t talked about at all. At the same time I have left some finishing things undone on three separate projects.

Let’s talk a little about the things that I need to finish. First, I have not yet hunted up the buttons that I need to sew into Miss Dashwood. I have buttons and I even think that I know where they are, but I have been too lazy to get them out and sew them in. What is the purpose of these buttons, you might ask? To button the earflaps to, so that they are up inside the hat on warmer days when you might not need the earflaps. I should really get on that. Second, I need to block my second recycled silk scarf. Didn’t I mention it? I’m pretty sure I did. I’ve made a second recycled silk scarf. It is of my own design and features what will probably be a completely obscured lace pattern. I only had enough yarn left to make a child’s sized scarf so it’s ultimate destination is unknown at the moment. I should block it tonight. Third, I need to embroider the eyes and nose on my second Laura Jane Bear. Then she will be perfect and ready for my niece.

Seems like this might be a good time to review my christmas list. So far, I have made: A Mini-Clapotis for my sister, Laura Jane Bears for Nieces #1 and #2, Miss Dashwood for Niece #3, and Backyard Leaves Scarf for my MIL. I have also made two scarves out of recycled silk, one adult sized and one kid-sized that I have yet to decide what I’m going to do with them. To be honest, my mom has me stumped. You see, she is my mother and I want to make her happy, but she is also has sensitive skin and is a little bit allergic to wool. This doesn’t mean that I can’t make her something from wool, but it has to be really nice wool. In fact, she just has sensitive skin. I don’t know what to do for her. I’m totally rethinking my plans at this point. All that being said, my List now looks like this:

Mom: ????????
Niece #2: A hat that I’m going to design (for christmas)
Nephew: ????? I’m leaning towards Nautie, perhaps, although the pattern is fiddly and therefore somewhat annoying to knit. I may make him Brontie instead
Kevin: hop pillow
Emily: Nautie
Noah: Nautie
Brother in law #1: socks. I think.
Brother in Law #2: Dinosaur of some kind, to round out the family tradition
Brother in Law #3: well, probably nothing knitted.
Sister in Law #1: Possibly nothing knitted.
Sister in Law #2: Something. Something knitted.
Father in Law: Sharfik. Full size. Good yarn (not yet purchased.)

Yes. That’s much better. Lastly, I must confess that I got really sick of the List and thinking about the List so I ran out and bought the yarn to make Fuzzy Feet for Stephen and myself. I just turned the heel on Stephen’s second slipper last night. I’ve never felted anything before so I’m sure it’s going to be great!


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