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Brewer Burns

Monday, September 25, 2006

Manic Monday

Did you know that blogs are like, public, and shit? Right. Anyway. Today is Monday and I have Monday brain. So you get the random post.

I finished Falling Leaves and for those of you who were wondering, yes, I did rip back the bind off on the first sock and re-bindoff, just looser. They can now be worn without loss of feeling in your toes. That can only be good. I’m really, really happy with the way they turned out. They are beautiful and now I want some for myself.

I also started my MIL’s scarf last weekend. Backyard Leaves in pumpkin orange. I think she will like it and I’m really liking the yarn and the pattern. The yarn is “Baby Twist,” 100% baby alpaca, from Misty Alpaca. It’s beautiful and soft.

I’m rethinking my mom’s Christmas and birthday gifts. Thinking and rethinking. I’m thinking of giving the silk scarf to my niece (to play dress up with) and making my mom a whole new silk scarf out of the Mango Moon that I have left. I’m also thinking of making my SIL the Column of Leaves scarf from the Island of Misfit Patterns (I will link later if I can figure out where I lost the left half of my brain.) The advantages of this plan are that: I have leftover Mountain Colors Weaving Quarters in Juniper from my first sweater, not enough to make the whole scarf, but some, and I really like the pattern. I’m also thinking of making my mom a Best Friend Bag (like I made for the grandmothers.) I think she would like it and I might have the stash yarn to make that too. Clearly, I’m still undecided.

On the non-knitted gift front, I went to the bookstore last Friday and looked, in vain, for a book I would like to give to my niece, Anna. Anna is six and ridiculously precocious. I want to buy her something that won’t talk down to her (because she’s wicked smart) but won’t be too old for her either (because she’s still only six.) (Incidentally, when Stephen and I visit, she reads us bedtime stories.) Ideas? I may have also gone on a little shopping spree over the weekend. I bought myself a really nice chef’s knife. It slices carrots like they are sticks of softened butter. And shoes. The last time I bought myself everyday-wear-to-the-office-shoes was at least five years ago and the shoes that I was wearing around had a crack across the sole. All the way across, so that my feet would get wet when I walked in the snow. And they never fit right. My new shoes? Beyond good. Black (so I can wear them everyday,) leather (so they will wear well) and best of all, they fit. Like gloves (except they’re shoes.) This is really important because I find shoes that fit very seldom. My feet are tiny.

Lastly, I bought yarn. For Christmas gifts. Anna’s teddy bear will be in purple and cream lamb’s pride, and my niece Willow’s Miss Dashwood will be in deep blue-green Debbie Bliss Merino Aran. It will look lovely with her dark hair.


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