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Brewer Burns

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

About the Lack of Pictures......

I’ve been having a really hard time posting pictures lately. I just wanted to let you know why. First, I’ve been having a really hard time finding good light for them. I have a crappy cell phone camera and so the lighting is really important or the shots look absolutely terrible (as opposed to just regular crappy cell phone pictures.) It’s fall, the light is changing, and I’m having a hard time adjusting. I feel like I’ve lost my picture mojo or something. Second, it’s become increasingly difficult to upload pictures from the cell phone to my computer because my computer is now officially way too old. It’s just really, really slow because its processor is really, really slow. And it’s a laptop, which doesn’t help. Third, my wireless internet connection has been fried since July 4 (when we had a huge electrical storm.) This means that I have to plug the computer into the internet cable, plug in the power cord (because the battery on the laptop is also, basically, shot) and then plug my phone into the computer too. Can you say tedious? Lastly, windows does not like the software that allows my cell phone to upload pictures to it. So it works extra, extra, extra slow. And that makes me want to gnaw my own arm off so that I can beat the laptop with it.

So that’s my way of telling you that I totally plan to post pictures of the mini-clapotis and the silk scarf tonight. And sorry that I haven’t done it sooner. Stephen and I have actually spent the last two nights attempting to unclog our kitchen sink. We ran the pipe snake down the pipe from the sink, and then down from the cleanout hatch in the basement, and that worked a little (in that the sink would drain, but slowly.) Stephen also snaked the bathtub drain for good measure. Then last night Stephen snaked the kitchen drain again, really going at it, and he finally broke up the clog, so yeah! I have a sink again and I didn’t have to call roto-rooter either. This means that I can both use the dishwasher and block things.

Most exciting, I started on Falling Leaves (this is a Knitty.com pattern. I don't know why fucking blogger won't let me link today) for my friend Lori’s birthday. They are turning out beautifully. I am using a ball of Trekking (I don’t know which color because I lost the ball band) that I made myself a pair of socks out of last winter. It’s really pretty, pink and green and blue and yellow and orange. Now, I have to ask: why didn’t anyone tell me about the beauty of toe-up socks before? I’m loving the toe up socks. I love the provisional cast on, I love the short row toe, I love the seamlessness of it all. It’s! Seamless! People! Seamless! I can’t really express how exciting that is to me. Not only does seamless mean that the socks are seamless but it also means that the toes, instead of being pointy, are actually rounded and soft and pretty and seamless! I don’t know why I haven’t tried this before.

Oh, right, yes I do. I was intimidated by the thought of it. In fact, when I first saw that Falling Leaves was a toe up pattern I thought about converting it to a cuff down pattern just so that I didn’t have to learn the toe-up process. I was afraid I would fuck it up. Obviously, I decided to give it a go, and I’m very happy that I did. I’m also really loving the lace pattern in this sock. It’s very nice, very pretty, very feminine.


At 12:37 PM, Blogger Glaistig said...

Yeah, sure, I've heard that old/lame excuse from other bloggers before. Yep, it's the standard "I have a cell phone camera that uploads slowly to my old computer laptop with bad wireless connection due to an electrical storm and weird Windows interaction" excuse.

Oh and you've added in an "I've been unclogging my drain" twist too.

Umm, you'll have to do better than that. . . . :)


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