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Brewer Burns

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Big List

Okay, I’m a little freaked out now, so I think it’s an appropriate time to give you all the "Big List."

For Christmas and birthdays that fall around Christmas time, I plan to make:

Mom: Mini-Clapotis, from stash yarn. I still need one more present for her early December birthday
Sister: Mini-Clapotis, out of Noro Silk Garden that I have yet to buy
Niece #1: Laura Jane Bear. I also need another gift for her birthday
Niece #2: Laura Jane Bear (already knit), and a hat that I will design myself
Niece #3: Miss Dashwood
Nephew: I’m not sure yet, possibly Nautie, but the pattern is rather fiddly, so maybe Brontie instead
Kevin: Hop Pillow
Emily: Nautie
Noah: Nautie
Brother in law #1: socks. I think. But honestly? I think his knitted gift will get the axe first. This is not a reflection of my opinion of him, of course, I just don’t think he has the kind of personality to truly appreciate a knitted gift.
Brother in Law #2: Dinosaur of some kind, to round out the family tradition
Brother in Law #3: well, probably nothing knitted. Yet another person that I don’t think will truly appreciate the knitting, if you know what I mean.
Sister in Law #1: Possibly nothing knitted. I like her, respect her, and think that she appreciates the hand knits (and she lives in Georgia, so if she doesn’t I won’t know about it) but I don’t know if I have the stamina for it. And, I’m kind of out of ideas. Last year I knit her a scarf in Husky colors, and being a cougar, I’m afraid that I might have to sit out the next year or two. To recover. From the shock of it all. Also, she has a mid-December birthday. I may just send her the needles and the yarn and a "learn to knit" booklet. (Kidding! Really!)
Sister in Law #2: Something. Something knitted. Preferably something that I think she will like. I just don’t know what yet. By the way, feel free to read her blog here.
Mother in Law: Scarf. I’ve had the idea for a little bit now. I’m also ignoring the fact that her birthday is early February.
Father in Law: Sharfik. Full size. Good yarn (not yet purchased.) I’m also ignoring the fact that his birthday is mid-January.
Lori: socks for her birthday (I’m thinking Falling Leaves) and a scarf for Christmas. Last Christmas I made her a scarf, and it was a big hit.
Mike: socks for his birthday (obviously) and something else for christmas, perhaps not knitted. I don’ t know yet. Which have now been finished!!!! They are blocking in the "sun room" right now.
Dad: I’m getting him a copy of Walden. He will like it. I’m choosing to ignore his first-day-of-February birthday for the moment.
Stephen: dinosaur. He wants a dinosaur. That I’m going to design for him. It should be great.
Anyone Else: No, no, no.


At 10:21 AM, Anonymous John Hanscom said...

May God have mercy on your soul!


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