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Brewer Burns

Friday, July 07, 2006

Avoiding Work and Feeling Shitty About It

Okay, first and foremost, I have to be completely honest with all of you. I am writing this post while avoiding doing work that I should be doing and which scares me and which is going to come up and smack me in the ass next week. Also, I use the word "which" way too much, inappropriately, and in a grammatically incorrect way. Yeah. So, as usual I am completely overwhelmed in my daily life and paralyzed by anxiety. Yay me!

Anyway, I’ve finished the knitting and the seaming on my Punk Rock Purse. I will soon post a picture which is exactly the same as the picture that I posted of the last Punk Rock Purse I made: all knitted up, seamed, blocked and drying in my extra room. There is one big difference between this purse and the last one though. Since this is the second one I’ve made, I was able to correct one huge mistake that I made in the last one. You see, I did not check my gauge when I made these purses because, dude, it’s a purse, how could it not fit? I know. That is dumbass. That is dumbass because of course the purse does not need to fit ME but it all the pieces need to fit TOGETHER. The result of this non-checking of gauge was that although the back and front pieces were the same size and the strap was, obviously, fine, the gusset was too long. This meant that I had to do a weird folding thing on one end of the purse.

But not on this purse. On this purse I totally: measured the actual size of the front and back pieces, figured out the size ratio between the front and back pieces and the gusset on the pattern, then adjusted the gusset length accordingly and it WORKED. Therefore, instead of a weird folding thing on one end of the gusset, the gusset on this purse fits perfectly.

In other news: while I wait for the purse to dry (which will take several days) I have started a baby hat for a good cause. Follow the link over to the Yarn Harlot’s blog and read about the breast feeding information session. Also, I am using the pattern from Janelle Knits for my hat. Kind of. Sort of. Anyway, if you’re at a loss for a pattern but want to make baby hats, go ahead and use that pattern or any of the number of patterns that are posted at the Yarn Harlot.


At 5:16 PM, Blogger Glaistig said...

You are NOT alone. I have been practicing law since 2000 and still get horrible anxiety fits at all hours of the day. I am considering becoming a librarian, seriously.

Looks like the second time is the charm for the Punk Rock Purse. Congrats to you!


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