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Brewer Burns

Monday, June 26, 2006

Recipe for a Mini-Clap-o-tee

2 skeins Noro Silk Garden (any color you like)
Size eight straight needles
Clapotis Pattern from Knitty

Using the pattern for Clapotis:
Work set up rows
Work increase rows once
Then work rows 1-6 of increase rows one more time
Work straight rows until you have used up one skein of yarn
Then continue working straight rows with second skein of yarn until you have about two and a half more color changes left in your second skein of yarn
Switch to the decrease rows and work them once, then work rows 1-10 once more
Work the Final rows.

You now have a fantastic Mini-Clapotis. Mine is 59” x 7”.

Stephen and I had a completely exhausting weekend. Let me brief you on the itinerary: Friday night we went and saw my parents. We stayed over, and after being stuffed with both bacon and pancakes Saturday morning we were off to see my sister for an hour (and my nieces!) Willow is a little chubby baby now. She has entered what I call the “sausage” stage. Her little legs and arms look like links of sausage held together at the knees and elbows. Gwendolyn is getting taller and sweeter, and was little shy around her auntie. The best part? Stephen made Willow laugh out loud. It melted my heart.

Once Stephen was able to pull me away from the baby goodness, we drove into Woodinville and met his brother and new girlfriend at a Red Robin. We actually got lost in the parking lot. Really. Once we had dined and introductions had been made (new girlfriend, you know?) we were off to the going away party for Stephen’s other brother and sister in law. We then spent five hours at a barbecue wherein no less than twenty kids between the ages of one month and six years roamed freely. Finally we were off to yet another barbecue.

This is when the real trouble started. We had planned to head back towards home Saturday night. We figured we would stop in Ellensburg, get a room and then finish the trek Sunday morning. Well, when I called the Ellensburg Inn on our way to the last party, I was informed that they had no vacancies and all the other hotels in town were also full. I don’t know why, but I’m thinking gay rodeo. As soon as we walked into the party our good friend Kevin offered me a Mojito and that was it. I accepted and we stayed. I spent the first two hours on the way home yesterday dry heaving. When we got home I then passed out on the couch completely for no less than an hour, and possibly longer. Today I felt like I had possibly been hit by a train, dragged a few hundred feet, left in the middle of a crossing and run over by a station wagon.


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