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Brewer Burns

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

(Less Than) 100 Things About Me, Part II

21. I really like notebooks, paper and pens
22. I am an inconsistent diary keeper
23. I am twenty pounds overweight
24. I have been going to the gym five mornings a week since January 1st
25. I have a very messy desk and the mess extends to the rest of my office
26. I like it that way
27. My current obsession with knitting began in October '05 when I picked up the fall issue of Vogue knitting on a whim
28. I have since discovered Interweave Knit and covet that magazine with an unholy lust satisfied only by buying back issues and obsessing over the various patterns
29. My second ever knitting project was the fair isle hat from the fall issue of Vogue Knitting
30. I have already lost that hat and made one more (which I gave away)
31. I swear like a truck driver (or my mom, depends on your perspective)
32. My favorite swear phrase is motherfucking piece of shit
33. When I'm really frustrated I add a "goddamn" between "motherfucking" and "piece of shit"
34. I have a very effective internal censor. I have never sworn in front of a client
35. I often swear at my knitting
36. My oldest cat, Leo, weighs 20 pounds and bites
37. I still love him
38. I refused all efforts to teach me to cook when I was growing up
39. I am a liberal and a feminist
40. I think pornography and stripping is speech that is protected under the first amendment (and for right now, the Supreme Court agrees.)


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