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Brewer Burns

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Cold Sesame Noodles with Peanut Sauce 1/7/05

So it's Friday night and I wanted to make something from my the January issue of Bon Appetit. I decided to make the Cold Sesame Noodles 66 with Peanut Sauce. This recipe was a lot of fun to make and it was really interesting. First you bring soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and rice wine (mirin) to boil in a pan. Then you add a cinnamon stick, jalapeno and coriander seeds and remove the pan from heat. You let that mixture steep for 45 minutes. Then you make the peanut sauce. To do so, you add crushed garlic, crushed ginger and sugar to pan and heat over medium heat for about three minutes, until the mixture carmelizes. You remove that from the pan and let it cool. Once cool, you add it to the food processor with peanuts, olive oil and a jalapeno. Once you've done that you then make a pasta salad using mung bean noodles, apples, cucumbers, the peanut sauce and the soy sauce sauce. It was so good I almost cried. It was sweet and salty and soy sauce-y all at the same time. It was really good. Amazing.


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