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Brewer Burns

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas: A Conscientious Objector's Perspective

Last year I did not knit for Christmas. The year before I knit for everyone. This year I'm knitting for a lot of people but I've greatly scaled back. I'm making cell phone cozies for my BIL and SIL:

And then bookmarks for everyone else. BIL and SIL #2:

For two of the women I work with:

And for Emily:

And the thing is that I have really enjoyed making these bookmarks. Each of them was made from a stitch from the The Knitting Stitch Bible by Maria Parry-Jones. Each was made from stash baby cashmerino and each took a very short time to make.

The stats on them are as follows: size two Brittany Birch DPN's, stash baby cashmerino, beads from JoAnn Fabrics, secured with DMC embroidery floss. BIL's is made in a garter-basket stitch, SIL in stockinette with slip stitch edges and garter stitch borders, Emily's in a rolled rib stitch, the peach colored bookmark is seed stitch, and the blue one is a seed stitch rib pattern. The beads are all blue moon beads. I have a few more of these to make, and then I plan to make one for me too.

My wip's are coming along. The Trellis scarf gave me some problems today. I kept making mistakes in the lace pattern. I have turned the heel on Stephen's first thuja sock. Both patterns are moving along. I am working repeat 16 of 23 on the scarf. I'm a little sick of it at the moment though.


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