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Brewer Burns

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sweater Surgery

You may remember that when I first knit up my Greek Pullover the left sleeve was sewn in wonky and therefore too small. Well, I've been wearing it like that for a couple of years now and it always drives me crazy. I wore it again today for a baby shower and I decided that I had enough. When I got home I took it off and started surgery.

First, to detach the offending sleeve. The first thread that I removed turned out to be part of the sleeve knitting so all I ended up doing was creating a hole in the sweater. Small hole. I fixed it later. Then I pulled the seamed edges apart and found the seaming thread, snipped it and then unraveled it. Then I re-pinned and re-sewed the sleeve back in. Success. The sweater is still not perfect. If I were to knit it again I would probably make it longer. However, I always wear it with a camisole underneath anyway so it's more of a layering piece. I also have to say that it's not itchy. Maybe I just needed to wear it a few times but it does not make me itch. Lastly, I took off the chiffon quite some time ago because it started to unravel in a crazy making kind of way (and also made me look like I needed a little time in a padded cell.) I would like to sew on a ruffle again in different, ravel-proof, material. It would add to the length and the prettiness of it.


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