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Brewer Burns

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Road Trip Knitting

I decided this year that I basically wouldn't do any christmas knitting. Then I realized that I could make a few, simple projects using stash yarn and save some cash. Then Stephen suggested that I knit for everyone that we didn't already have a gift plan for. That's how I ended up with this:

Two cell phone cozies and several bookmarks. The bookmarks are just small rectangles done on size two needles in baby cashmerino. I used several different stitch patterns from my stitchionary. The cell phone cozies are socks, 32 stitches cast on to size two needles, about 10 rows of ribbing followed by 32 rows of stockinette, kitchenered shut. Easy and effective. I also knit quite a bit on Stephen's Thuja II socks. They are being made in Opal magic (grey-green, spring green and white with brick flecked stripes) on size one needles. Also very simple. His annual christmas socks.


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