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Brewer Burns

Thursday, August 31, 2006

That's the Way the Knitting Crumbles

Okay, I’ve tried to write about knitting today. I really have. But every time I’ve tried I’ve ended up writing about something else entirely. So, before I write about the knitting, I really have to say this: Have you ever called someone and left a message and they didn’t call you back? Did it piss you off? The next time you called, and you still couldn’t talk to them and they still hadn’t called you back, did you then take out all of your anger on the person who answered the phone? Did you insinuate that the person you were trying to call or the person answering the phone is lazy? Did you get sarcastic and act like you’re the most important person in the whole wide world whose needs must be attended to RIGHT NOW or you were going to throw a tantrum like a two year old? Okay. Did it do any good in the long run? Did that person call you back quicker? Did the person who answered the phone become suddenly more inclined to help you out? No? Huh. Funny that.

On to the knitting. I’ve finished knitting the entirety of my Greek Pullover, except the I-Cord ties. And now I must level with you. I fear that the sweater may be too small. Now, I’m not even close to being sure of that yet. Tonight I’m going to go home, pin the front and back together and try it on. I will definitely let you know how it goes. I’m just afraid that I overreacted to my experience with the Lotus Blossom Tank, which is still too big, by several inches. I’m really just not all that sure. The one thing that I can tell you is that my gauge has been spot on perfect the entire project and so the sweater itself is the size intended. I’m just not sure that I’m not going to end up with a sweater that is more like some kind of summery, holey, nipple bearing, cover, and less like an actual sweater.

I’m putting my faith in two things: first, the fact that I tend to overreact and overanalyze and overthink while the garment is still on my needles and second, the miracle that is the blocking process.


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