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Brewer Burns

Monday, February 06, 2006

Silent Poetry Reading

I am totally stealing from other people now, but I really love the idea of the silent poetry reading to commemorate Brigid's Day. So, one of my own (I like it, I hope you do too.)

silence sewn breeds time
like yoked ox breaking nude soil
she is brought to bear
And in knitting news... We did watch the super bowl yesterday. Living in Washington state it was difficult to not get too worked up about the Seahawks lackluster playing. But that's all over now. The fantastic thing about several hours in front of the television is that I got several hours worth of knitting done. So the update on the Fair Isle 101 pullover: I knit thirteen inches of the first sleeve on Friday, and then on Saturday discovered that I had completely missed the pattern instruction that tells you to increase eight stitches right above the ribbing for the cuff. Goddamnit! I ripped back to the cuff (from thirteen to three inches), worked the increase round, and reknit the whole damn sleeve. I finished right about the end of the third quarter of the game yesterday. I have now cast on the second sleeve (isn't it tragic that people have two arms instead of one?) and remembered the increase round this time. So, I have my fingers crossed for smooth sailing. Of course that other little problem is really starting to haunt me. Will I have enough yarn or not? I'm starting to get a twitch above my eye so I think I will just bite the bullet and buy another hank of yarn on my way home tonight. If the LYS has any. But they did the last time I was there. Why didn't I buy it then? I'm a moron.


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