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Brewer Burns

Sunday, February 19, 2006


This is my finished Sharfik, courtesy of Grumperina's free patterns. I made it over last weekend, after I finished the sweater, but hadn't quite started the embossed leaf socks yet (for my mom.) I modified the pattern and took out a repeat because the scarf was shaping up to be really wide and I only had two balls of the Berroco Foliage yarn. It's only about forty inches long, but it's cute. I like it. I may give it to my sister, who, by the way will be a mother of two in less than a month. It's very exciting.

Since I will soon have a brand new niece you will soon be seeing pictures of baby things. I plan to make a few pairs of the "better than booties socks" from the summer IK for her. I've already purchased the Lorna's Laces shepard's sock. I've never used this before so I'm pretty excited about that too. Anyway, enjoy. And yes, that is the sunday morning light shining through the window onto the chair. It's a lovely day outside (even if it is about -10 degrees F with the windchill.) Posted by Picasa


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