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Brewer Burns

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Things that Happened to Me this Week that You Don't Know About

1. The gas light has been on in my car for a day and a half. I may not make it the two blocks to the gas station when I leave for lunch today. I’m testing the theory that my car can run on air if it has to. You know, out of necessity?

2. One of the trick or treaters who showed up at my house last night had a tattoo on her lower back. Um. Yeah. Methinks she was a little old for the trick or treating.

3. On a similar note, the bratty teenagers that live next door to me and egg my house (and paintball my house and throw loud parties in their backyard filled with other drunken, fornicating teenagers)? They also came by last night and trick or treated. Luckily, they have been much less obnoxious lately. I gave them candy. Maybe they will turn out to be decent human beings after all.

4. The rest of the trick or treaters were the right age, and incredibly cute. Cute, cute, cute!

5. I finished the first Perdita bracelet (Lilacs) and started another (Bluebells.) These are an incredibly fast and satisfying knit. As I mentioned before, I’m using cotton embroidery thread that I have in my stash (Yes, I embroider.) What’s not to like? These things knit up really, really quick with very pretty lace patterns, and the thread is cheap.

6. I read The Giver last night for what is probably about the fourth or fifth time. It’s written by Lois Lowry and aimed at kids, 9-12. However, I would recommend it to anyone of just about any age group. It’s a fantastic book. It’s one of those books that really changed the way that I thought when I first read it and remains one of my favorite books even now. Read it.

7. Stephen’s boss, Marshall, returned from his trip to Japan this week. He and his wife bought us a package of GENMAICHA TEA! FROM JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. I’ve been in contact with IK about the Padded Footlets pattern. They agree, that in order to make the pattern work correctly, then all repeats subsequent to the first repeat, you should start round 2 with a purl stitch instead of a slipped stitch. I’m still corresponding with them and will update you as I go. They’ve been quite prompt, by the way.

9. Eunny is back and I’m quite happy about this. Also, you should all go over and look at what Moni has been up to lately. Granted, she comprises a good percentage of my readership, but the other two or three of you? Go see what she’s been up to. Ooh. Also. Go see Glaistig. She’s awesome and the video of the intergalactic karaoke (scroll down a couple of entries)? Hilarious!

10. There was snow at my house Monday morning. Actual snow. It had melted by midday and hasn’t been repeated since then, but there was snow. The winter is definitely on its way.

11. I signed up for the Dulaan Brigade yesterday. As long as I’m going to spend an obscene amount of money on this hobby, I might as well send some of that yarn and knitting to where it can make a real difference in someone’s life.

12. Lastly, Michael Hanscom, who is the son of John (frequent commenter) and brother of Kevin (Stephen’s best friend) is having one of his photographs published in the November 27 issue of The New Yorker. It’s a very cool thing. Scroll down to his October 9 entry to see the picture.


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