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Brewer Burns

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bad Idea Jeans

Remember how I mentioned that I measured my bust and it was bigger than I thought it was? And so I made the 38” size instead of the 34” size? Yeah. Bad Idea Jeans (you remember that SNL skit, right? Mid-90’s, three guys sitting around in tight acid wash jeans, one guy (let’s call him David Spade) looks at the other (let’s call him Chris Farley) and says “I’m thinking of leaving my wife for my girlfriend. She’s a crack addict but I figure, hey, the sex is great.” Then the slogan: “Bad Idea Jeans.” Or something like that.) The Lotus Blossom Tank is done. And it is totally too big. Like I could hack out a rather large strip, sew it up and it might still be too big. I should have gone with my first instinct to make the 34” size. Barring that I should have gone with my second instinct to pull out a blouse or tank top that I like and measure its bust. Instead I decided to actually measure my bust and pick the size closest to it. Like I said. Bad Idea Jeans.

Faced with a tank top that is way too big I’ve decided that I have, really, three options: 1. do nothing and rarely wear it, 2. rip and reknit the smaller size or 3. throw the fucker in the dryer until it shrinks enough to fit. Anybody want to guess what I’m doing right now? That’s right. I’m waiting for the dryer to buzz, since my hand knit tank top is in it. For the second time. The first time it just didn’t shrink enough. After this tumble in the dryer I think it will still be a tad too big, but I plan to go buy a bit of ribbon to thread right under the bust line and cinch tight. Cute, right?

I know. This is also Bad Idea Jeans. But I’m doing it anyway. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I figure I can always rip and reknit if it turns out really badly. Just so you know, I did go in and measure one of my favorite shirts after the tank’s first trip through the dryer. It’s got like a 28” bust line. File this whole fiasco under “what the fuck was I thinking?”


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