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Brewer Burns

Thursday, June 22, 2006


First, I wanted to mention that Moni has started on her Lotus blossom Tank. You should go over and see. It’s looking good. Second, you should go read Crazy Aunt Purl. Someone needs to give her a book deal. Now on to the knitting. Yes, really, knitting.

I hope you all didn’t think that I had stopped knitting after I finished up on the punk rock backpack. If that’s what you thought then you clearly don’t know me very well. I did have a hard time picking a new project. Actually, to be more honest, it took me a while to justify starting the project that I really wanted to make. You see, I made the backpack for myself (which, by the way, I totally modified so it’s actually a bag instead of a backpack. I’m sure my astute readership noticed that instead of two straps, the "backpack" actually has one long strap for slinging across the body) and so I felt that I should probably tackle one of my "promised" projects. I have a habit of promising people knitted things. Usually I try to alternate projects for me with these other promised projects. So, after knitting the Lotus Blossom Tank for me, I felt like I should make something for someone else.

But it was not to be. You see, my little sister turned 23 on Monday. Yes, 23 (she’s a real live adult now, which leaves me with two questions: how did that happen? (please ignore the fact that she has two children. Really, turning 23 is so much more adult-like), and how fucking old does that make me?) Wonderful big sister that I am, I did remember her birthday and I did remember to call her on her birthday but I didn’t remember to actually get her a gift. Enter, my generous nature (don’t laugh) and the solution to my problem. I’m going to give her the backpack (if the motherfucking thing ever dries enough to actually sew the lining in.) That means that I am totally free to make something for myself.

The Mini-Clapotis. You see, last week when I went to the yarn store in search of ribbon to cinch up the Lotus Blossom Tank I discovered that I had completely hallucinated them having ribbon. They do not have ribbon. They do, however, have a large assortment of embroidery thread. Good to know. Instead of buying ribbon I bought two skeins of Noro Silk Garden. This happened after I spent a good fifteen minutes fondling the Lorna’s Laces Lion and Lamb in "Aslan" trying to think of a way to justify spending $90.00 on yarn. I couldn’t do it so I thought I would buy some Noro, as I had never bought any before, but had often considered it. I figured that if I couldn’t afford the Lorna’s Laces to make a whole clapotis, perhaps I could make a teeny tiny mini-clapotis out of the Silk Garden.

As you can see, my mini-clapotis is looking pretty good. I really like the colors of the yarn. It is hard on my hands, but not nearly as hard as some cotton and acrylic blend yarns I have had the misfortune of using in the past. I occasionally have to pick out a twig, but I knew this going in, thanks to my rabid and obsessive reading of other people’s knitblogs. Surprisingly, although the yarn is hard on my hands, it is pretty soft once it’s knit up. I suspect that blocking might make it even softer. Incidentally it is an almost-certainty that I will run out of yarn.


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