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Monday, June 12, 2006

In Which The Lotus Blossom Tank Breaks Me

Regarding my previous post, thanks for the comments and feedback. It’s an issue that had been on my mind and clearly means a lot to me. I may post about this again when I’ve thought about it a little more.

On to more pressing topics of conversation now. The Lotus Blossom Tank. This is my first experience knitting an article of clothing with cotton. My previous experience with cotton yarn is limited to the two Fiesta Tea Sets that I have made. While I knew going into the project that my previous experience with cotton was not positive, and cotton is much heavier than wool and harder on the hands, I figured that I would just go for it. The pattern is pretty and I can’t imagine going through life without knitting myself at least one knitted cotton tank.

The bottom portion of the tank was really quite fun. The yarn that I have chosen (“Butterfly?” I really don’t know) is soft, smooth and really quite pretty. Or so I thought. Over the weekend we did some traveling and some visiting with friends that I haven’t seen in a while and I finished the bottom lace portion of the tank and moved onto the top, stockinette portions. And so the trouble began. As I mentioned before cotton is heavy. I know. Every book on yarn and every knitter who has ever knitted with cotton will tell you: cotton is heavy. Well, when I finally got to the top portions I really started to feel the weight of the tank itself. It’s heaviness.

On the ride home last night I started taking little breaks to sing along to the music, play 20 questions with Stephen, and stare out the window. Then when I got home last night I laid on the couch and knit. And stopped. And knit. And stopped. Finally, I had to take an extended break. I had to put the knitting down. My wrists were on fire and even now, a good twelve hours later I’m having a hard time typing because my left wrist, in particular, is still sore from knitting with the bleeding cotton. Not only that, but the tips of my “working” fingers are also numb and sore from the roughness of the cotton. I have to say that the point at which I truly broke was when I read the pattern instruction that reads “work in stockinette stitch until the armholes measure eight inches.” Like a knife to the heart I tell you.

The Lotus Blossom Tank. She broke me. But she is also very pretty so I’ve decided to soldier on today. And there is one ray of hope in all of this. I’m knitting a tank top. No sleeves!


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