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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What Did You Do Last Sunday? (Part I)

I have to admit that I did dye some eggs. And I made some deviled eggs. As you can see in the above pictures. Unfortunately, Stephen really wasn’t willing to look for hidden eggs so I had to change my plans with regards to that. But it was fun dying them. And eating them.

Mr. Stegs
Pattern: free from X-Treme Knitting
Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Ruby Red, and a very small amount of LP in roasted coffee, used to stitch on the mouth and eyes
Needles: Size 9

I also finished Mr. Stegs. This is my first knitted toy and I found that making him was really fun. First, the project flew by. I started him on Saturday and finished him on Sunday (and that was in spite of doing a lot of other things on Sunday. More on that in my next post.) It was also really easy and the pattern was well written. There was only one part of the pattern that made me scratch my head momentarily. When you knit the legs you first knit a garter stitch square six stitches wide and six rows long, then cast on ten stitches and work several rows in stockinette. While the instructions were crystal clear I couldn’t figure out how the garter stitch square was going to function in terms of making a leg. Then it dawned on me. This is a three dimensional object and it needs a bottom as well as a tube for the sides of the leg.

Anyway, I really recommend this pattern. Since this was a toy and gauge was not crucial, I didn’t check it. I also used completely different yarn and needles than the pattern recommends. And it turned out just fine. My favorite part of this pattern is the spiny back. It’s so cool!

Oh, and the picture of Leah above? She is begging me for Mr. Stegs as I sew him up. She dearly wanted to disembowel him. She’s a loving dog. Really.

Stay tuned for: What Did You Do Last Sunday? (Part II) (hint: it doesn’t involve yarn but does help to justify the name of this blog.) Posted by Picasa


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