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Brewer Burns

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Knitting on Manly proceeds. As you can see above I've knit the first 11 inches of the second sleeve. You can also see my new favorite knitting tools. Removable stitch markers. In this case, I'm using them to mark the increase rows on the sleeve. This way, not only can I tell when I need to increase again (by counting the number of rows since the last marker) but I can also tell how many times I have increased (by counting the number of markers.) Genius I tell you. When I was knitting the Fair Isle 101 sweater I simply had to stop every few rows and count ALL OF THE ROWS to figure out if it was time to increase again and whether I had increased the proper number of times. No more. Now I have knitting tools to aid me.

Also, as you can see, spring has reached the inland northwest (somewhat of a contradiction in terms but that's where the nightly news tells me I am.) The middle picture is of my tulip buds coming up. Hardy plants I have to say. They live in spite of our complete neglect of them. And then below that is a craptastic picture of one of the many pink flower buds we have on our peach tree. You know. The one Kevin and Emily bought for us a couple of weeks ago. Pink flower buds! I'm so excited.

Lastly, I have a short story to tell. I would like to preface it by saying two things: 1. Marriage is Funny and 2. This story does not involve sexual gratification of any kind. Anyway, on Tuesday I got in the shower when we got home from the gym. When I got out of the shower I walked out into the living room to find Stephen, naked, kneeling in front of one of our stereo speakers, trying to suck the tweeter cone* out with the vaccuum cleaner hose attachment.

And you know the really funny part? The tweeter cone was too rigid.

*A tweeter cone is (apparently) the little tiny speaker thingy inside of the big speaker. At least that's what he told me when I had stopped laughing hysterically. Posted by Picasa


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