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Brewer Burns

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Why Beer and Seaming Do Not Mix

Sorry about the pictureless post but I'm writing this from my desk at work while I sit on hold waiting for some person to tell me why it's going to take them another week to do the thing they should have done over two years ago now. I love corporate incompetence.

Have I got a hilarious and sad story for you. But before I tell you that story I feel that you need to know that it was NOT MY FAULT. You see, when we went to see my sister last weekend she gave us her old fridge, which Stephen has since installed in the basement, next to the television, to be used a beer fridge. Last night we decided to sit downstairs, watch some South Park DVD's and drink some beer from the beer fridge. You understand, right? Seemed perfectly reasonable at the time. I clearly cannot be held responsible for my actions.

Anyway, you all will be happy to hear that I did sew in both sleeves on Monday night, and then last night I proceeded with seaming up the sides of Manly. I pinned the first side and seamed it up beautifully. Seriously, the best seaming I have ever done. Now we get to the funny part of the story. So I finish up one side, admire it, weave in some ends, then move on to the next side. I pin it. I start seaming. I sew together the sides of Manly until I'm down to about the halfway point between the armpit and the bottom of the sweater.

I notice that one side of the sweater seems to have decreases in it as I seam it down the side. Huh, I think. That doesn't seem right. Then I take a closer look at the seaming and I notice that it looks different at the top then the other side did. The other side was smooth and fantastic and perfect. This side looks a little wonky at the top. Like the very topmost part is jutting out in an odd way.

Then I hold the sweater out and really look at what I'm doing. Fuck.

I seamed one side of the sleeve to one side of the sweater.

Fuck. So I spent the rest of the evening unpicking my seam and finished just in time to go to bed so I can start all over again on that seam tonight.


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