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Brewer Burns

Friday, December 08, 2006

Casual Friday

That’s my fancy way of saying “randomness ahead.” First, the Winter edition of Knitty is up. Please go take a look. I am really quite impressed with this issue. There are two! pairs of stranded colorwork mittens. I love them both. There is a fair isle hat. Love it. There are also a couple different pairs of socks, including a pattern by Cookie A. Although I have yet to knit one of her patterns I still have a girl-crush on her. She’s awesome. Lastly, Knitty has saved my fucking ass. Please go and see the pattern that has inspired me to knit something for my nephew. Isn’t it cool? At this point in the Christmas knitting season I was experiencing some true knitting ennui. I knew that I should make my nephew another stuffed dinosaur, because he deserves it, but I was really not feeling the love for those patterns. They’re fantastic but I’ve made Bronty once, Trice once, and Mr. Stegs twice. There’s only so many times that I can make the same pattern before it makes me want to stab myself with a pair of size 6 straights. Know what I mean? So, my sweet little nephew will be getting Norberta for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas knitting, let’s check in on the Big List, shall we?

Mom: Kew– 1/4 done
Nephew: Norberta!
BIL #1: Fuzzy Feet. 1/4 done.
BIL #2: That’s Stephen’s job.
BIL #3: Right. I have no idea.
Kevin: Hop Pillow
Emily: Nautie. I think.
Lori: Hat? I’m thinking a hat. Possibly fair isle.

Okay. Six projects left. I’m not going to make it.

Moving on! The December issue of Magknits has also been up for about a week. I’ve printed off the Cinnabar scarf and am looking forward to making some of these patterns when the “season of giving” is over.

There are only twelve days until we leave town to visit relatives and friends. Twelve! Days! Help me now.


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