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Brewer Burns

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Sunday Update

Random fact about me: I love the Beatles. One of my favorite records to put on is Hey Jude.I know all the words to "Can't Buy Me Love" and I sing along to it. One of my earliest memories is of listening to "Strawberry Fields Forever" in my parents old Dodge Dart on the way to... somewhere. I do believe that I was standing up in the back seat of the car. Um. So. There are worse things than placing your child facing forward in a rear-facing car seat. 1. Not making her wear a seat belt, 2. Driving a Dodge Dart, 3. Allowing her to stand up in the back seat and 4. Exposing her to "Strawberry Fields Forever." Any of these things, together or separate could, conceivably, produce a woman like me. A woman who puts on Hey Jude when she's drunk and sings along to the entire album while her husband desperately tries to regain control of the stereo system. Consider yourself warned.

Knitting and spinning, knitting and spinning. What do I have for you? Well, I finished the second Latvian mitten and it is indeed a fraternal rather than an identical twin. I only ran out of the green yarn though, so it's not that different. Down to the very end I was worreid that I was going to run out of black which would make for a very different mitten indeed than the first. But it's finished now and almost dry.

I also washed some of my homespun and rolled it into balls. There is very, very little of it and I have no idea what I'm going to do with it but I am rather pleased with it. I'm really enjoying spinning with my new spindle. I just enjoy it more.

After I finished my second Latvian mitten I started in on another pair, this time for Stephen. It's a two-color mitten, Graph No. 50 in the book. I'm using 100% alpaca yarn for this one and it is beautiful. And stretchy. It's just so much better in every conceivable way than the 1/2 acrylic, 1/2 wool that I used for my mittens. As I said before, it was stash yarn and therefore has served its purpose nicely, but the new yarn is just a dream to work with.

I will be posting pictures either tonight or tomorrow afternoon. Oh! And I have now discovered, through the magic that is the iMac, the wonder that is the knitting podcast. I absolutely love Cast-On. I also really like Pixie Purl's podcast, and Lime and Violet.

I would also like to thank Glaistig for letting me know how to link on blogger using the iMac. Unfortunately, I can't remember just now how to do it but look for linky goodness sometime soon.


At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Collage-Life said...

Wow! Your knitting is so nice! Wish we lived closer because I'd be at your kitchen door begging for a lesson or two. ;^D


At 11:40 AM, Anonymous John Hanscom said...

"Random fact about me: I love the Beatles ..."

When I was growing, one of the things which defined us as a generation as opposed to our parent's generation was music [one need think only of the "two Jerry"s - a young Jerry Falwell, incoperating the musical values of our parents, stating that the music of his cousin, Jerry Lee Lewis, was of the Devil}.

If anyone had told me then that my own children's generation would be listening to the same music (certainly not exclusively) and liking it, I would have said, "No, it does not work that way."


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