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Brewer Burns

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Another Sunday

Feels like it was just Sunday, doesn't it? Well I survived the trip to my parents' house. I even survived the trip back. On the knitting front, I finished Stephen's first mitten. It's drying as we speak. I sort of fucked up the thumb. I intentended to hold 20 stitches (for a 40 stitch thumb) but only held fifteen. Then I cast on 20 stitches in the next round. Yeah. That worked out well. I also couldn't remember exactly where I should place the thumb, but it all worked out in the end. Even the rolly cuff seems to be responding to a stern blocking. I think it will curl a bit, but the roll will be acceptable.

While the first mitten has been blocking I've used up all the yarn that I have for my SIL-to-be's fuzzy feet. I'm only about halfway through the second slipper so I will have to buy more yarn. I also cast on for my FIL's socks. They will be Thuja, from Knitty, but modified to be a toe up instead of a toe down pattern.

So what have I been spending all of my time doing, you ask? Spinning. Spinning like the wind. I spun up all of the roving that I bought from my LYS one and a half years ago and started in on some roving that I bought a year ago. It's montadale sheep's wool carded with dog fur. It's beautiful and wonderful to spin. I'm really, really pleased with myself these days and with the yarn I'm spinning. Did you have a happy Thanksgiving? I did.

Things that I'm grateful for today: a husband that wears handknits happily, not being angry with my parents over Thanksgiving, my nieces who are adorable, spinning yarn that I'm happy with, really enjoying spinning, and having a husband that is happy to drive on all of our road trips. If he didn't I would be a nervous wreck. And I'm still a nervous wreck when he does. But at least I'm not driiving. Everyone is safer that way.


At 7:12 PM, Blogger Moni said...

So glad you had a great Thanksgiving! Your spinning looks wonderful! and so does the mitten.


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